Friday, April 18, 2014

League City's dog park survey

This has been widely announced via a League City official civic alert, through an email blast, and via social media, but I'll post it here as well, for the sake of continuity.  This is the city's online public interest survey for the dog park (the link patches through to a SurveyMonkey site): 

This is an excerpt of the map accompanying the survey.  It shows a proposed outline which is a bit different from the original (circa 2007) proposed map which I re-published in this post.  
I waited until two days into the survey to render my response, because I wanted to see something of the partially-accumulated statistics (it will pop up a "survey results" window after you press "done").  It's fairly remarkable how positive the response has been, at least as of this morning.  Typically when you survey any given social, political, or developmental issue, there's such a variety of opinion and circumstance in our community that a great diversity of responses results.  Not so with this issue.

Should this initiative move forward, I requested of League City that the design phase include public meetings so that those of us whose residences are situated closest to 750 Centerpointe Drive can raise our questions, air any concerns, and provide feedback on the design.

By my count, there are about 21 Centerpointers, half a dozen Oaks of Clear Creekers, and another half dozen Wilshire Placers who would be most directly affected by this development because we are all line-of-sight and within immediate earshot of the tract.  However, the number of potentially impacted Centerpointers in particular could be larger in certain scenarios that I won't get into in this early post, but will address later if things move forward.

By the same token, there are many other Centerpointers who may not have much of an opinion on this thing.  Centerpointe subdivision is about 3,000 feet in diameter (as the crow flies). Those of you on the west (oldest) side probably won't notice material changes in your environment if the dog park does get developed.  

I have already communicated some of my questions and concerns to City Council and will continue to do so.  Our POA may also develop input, but the POA represents all 438 homeowners, not just the 21 of us who are in closest proximity.  I encourage folks to either contact the POA and/or contact me via -at- gmail if you would like to coordinate on communicating your concerns and questions to Council.
A dog park can be a wonderful asset, but like dog ownership itself, it must be properly developed and managed if it is to be considerate of the needs of everyone involved.

Pic of our characteristically blissed-out dog being wantonly spoiled by my husband.

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