Thursday, April 10, 2014

League City dog park project revived

Galveston County Daily News reports (paywalled) that the League City dog park is back under consideration after several years of dormancy.  This is important for us in Centerpointe because the location, as I currently understand it, is the same as was originally proposed - the tract of land that is sandwiched between us and the new police station.
This drawing is very preliminary and subject to change.  No specific design has been proposed yet by League City, as I understand it.  
This idea gained a lot of traction several years ago, before my family moved to Centerpointe.
A number of groups were dedicated to making it happen, including this blog site, whose current homepage I screengrabbed above.  They were associated with the local group Bark9.  
However, the movement was reportedly overturned by citizen objection.  By word of mouth, I was told that most of that objection came from within Centerpointe.  I have no details other than that.

Bearing in mind that this blog is not affiliated with Centerpointe POA, I personally am not opposed to a dog park at the stated location in principle.  I have not yet researched the issue, but I see no a priori reason to assume that it would be an automatically bad development (and I am one of the residents who is on the far northeast side of the subdivision, within spitting distance of the tract in question).  As I noted on Galveston Daily News, the area in question is already used daily by people with dogs (including my family), especially the Interurban Easement.  The utility companies don't need to mow that thing.  The path down the center of it is perpetually beaten flat by the constant foot traffic of local people walking their dogs.

We all need to see more detail on this thing before we can make up our minds whether we're ultimately "for" or "against".  On this go-round, League City plans to poll people as to whether they want it to happen.  I will reserve additional comment for the moment, but will post more on this as it develops and as I'm able to do further research.
Centerpointe children overwhelmed my temporarily-free-running dog with affection in this popular post from late 2012 where I spoofed the helicopter-style over-concern with dog safety and child safety.

According to GCDN
, Councilman Becker adamantly opposes a dog park in League City for safety reasons, but to me, B doesn't follow A on that logic.  If you look at the number of dog-related injuries to humans vs. the circumstances of those injuries, I rather doubt that dog parks are strongly correlated with increased risk.  It's analogous to any other form of abuse - the primary source of concern is not "stranger danger" but rather conditions within a person's immediate environment.  The very recent pit bull attack on a League City toddler took place within that family's private residence, consistent with that idea.       

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