Friday, November 23, 2012

Time to pay the newspiper

If you weren't reading carefully, you might have missed it:  Galveston County Daily News's announcement that they are going behind the paywall in a couple of weeks.

Thirteenth paragraph down in the article:

Additional online changes will take place Dec. 12 as The Daily News switches to a subscription-based site. Nonsubscribers will continue to have access to the home page and advertising-related features such as banner ads and classifieds, but only subscribers will have complete access to the website and all of its features.

Not surprisingly, the reader comments at the bottom of this announcement are mostly negative.  At the moment, I don't have enough information upon which to base an evaluation of whether or not this will prove to be a good idea for anybody - either the paper or the readership.   In the comments section, I explained why I can't yet predict - it's because GCDN's strategic intentions with this move are not stated.  Specifically, it's not clear to me whether they want to be a whole-county newspaper, or primarily a south-county newspaper analogous to The Facts, which touts itself as a "Brazoria County" newspaper while offering only minimal coverage of the news that happens in its largest population center - Pearland. 

What question did I ask just eleven days ago?  How big does League City have to get before it can support its own newspaper?  I hereby ask that question again.
THIS right here is our essential problem as a city
Our center of everything is located
in the exact middle of nowhere
We are 26 miles from Galveston, which has a newspaper, and 23 miles from Houston, which has a newspaper.  We seem to fall into a journalistic no-man's land, despite having a population that is approaching six figures. 

Sign on FM 518 WB near IH-45 screengrabbed from Googlemaps, which explains the crummy resolution.
I'm partial to "League City Ledger" as the title for our yet-to-be-born newspaper, as it has nice meter and alliteration while remaining crisp and not cumbersome.  Anyone care to start this venture??  Without question, you will have a paying subscriber in me, if you do. 

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