Thursday, November 29, 2012

Concerns with the League City Post Office

If anyone has noticed irregularities with the League City Post Office, you might want to email me ( gmail) so we can compare notes.  (Update:  You can read my more detailed description of this incident in this subsequent post).

My husband and I are working a case right now where some of our mail went missing.  There doesn't seem to be any record of what happened to it.  We went to the Post Office with the usual peach-slip within the alotted timeframe, but there was nothing to be found.  It's not clear whether the material got misdirected or whether it was stolen from inside the Post Office.  The only thing USPS will admit to at this point is that their own procedures were not followed.  Meanwhile, the formal investigation continues. 

Like I said in a recent post, 'tis the season where you have to watch out for weird things happening. 
This method might have been a better bet for us.
(MS Office clip-art.)

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