Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ticketed for illegal sidewalk parking

Oh, you simply cannot imagine the degree to which this fantastic article was sweet music to my blogging ears...
I'm thinking of framing this and putting it up on my wall.
Screengrab from Houston Chronicle.   
The only thing that surprised me in this news piece was the degree to which some of these respondents were indignant because they got ticketed for parking on public property that does not belong to them

Ignorant, selfish bastards! (in my personal opinion).  They would rather see a child on a tricycle divert into the street or a mother pushing a carriage struggling to drag her baby through the hell strip simply because they, with their ridiculously-oversized air haulers, happen to be the Absolute Center of the Universe and are therefore entitled to park wherever they damned-well please.

I've said it before, and I've said it again, and I've even said it within the context of current events:  the sidewalk is a publicly-owned pedestrian resource, not a bloody personal staging area for trophy trucks. 
I've even said it with pictures.
From this previous post.
Aaaand I've said it with more pictures.  Google screengrab of an offending residence on Walnut Pointe.  Even if these folks lacked the awareness to buy a house large enough to accomodate their needs, they could have squeezed those four cars foward and largely avoided this. 
If I had all the free time in the world at my disposal, I would have attended the League City police chief candidate meet-and-greet that was held recently, in order to ask the candidates where they stood enforcement-wise on issues like this - to raise awareness if nothing else.  We've heard reports of sidewalk ticketing farther north in Clear Lake (as reported in one of the previous neighborhood newsletters) and now this latest round as reported by Chron in Fort Bend County.  I'd like to see it start happening here in Centerpointe as well, but it would be appropriate to first devote more resources to raising awareness, just in case there are residents who (for whatever reason) genuinely haven't snapped to the inconvenience that they are imposing on their neighbors by doing this. 

To that end, I encourage you to have a chat with your neighbors if you see sidewalk parking happening near you.  On our short stretch of subdivision street extending from the nearest intersection to our cul-de-sac, we have nineteen children.  Nineteen children just in this one little area, who are out running around and playing with each other on a daily basis.  If I see anyone impeding the activities of those children, including via blocking sidewalks, we are going to be having us a neighborly chat.   

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