Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crime: March 28 - June 18

Fairly quiet here during the past couple of months, as this picture shows (but remember that these stats are not necessarily comprehensive, as I discussed in a previous post):
Two thefts from vehicles along Walnut Pointe.
Screengrabbed from www.crimereports.com
for the period March 28 - June 18, 2012.
Legendarily, Willie Sutton, when asked why he robs banks, replied,
"Because that's where the money is."

Correspondingly, if one were to ask these theft-from-motor-vehicle perps why they chose targets along Walnut Pointe, they might be inclined to respond,
"Because that's where the cars are."

I've blogged about this before - the unusually high number of un-garaged cars on Walnut Pointe.
In this post from which the above screengrab was reproduced, a post in which I described how and why it is illegal (not to mention a rude disservice to your neighbors) to use cars to block sidewalks in Centerpointe, I noted the remarkable concentration of cars along Walnut Pointe.
As the old saying goes, karma is a bitch.  Apparently car-ma is also a bitch: there are often so many cars clogging up Walnut Pointe that the resulting physical conditions provide good opportunity for concealment for thieves moving through the area on foot.  It's the car-analog of a densely-wooded forest that provides good cover to predators.  It does not surprise me that Walnut Pointe appears to be seeing a bit more than the neighborhood-average amount of this kind of criminal activity (there have been other incidents there in the past). 

One of the local FM radio personalities, and I would credit him if I only I could remember which one, is well-known for repeatedly making the observation, "Houstonians keep three thousand dollars' worth of their unwanted crap piled in their garages, while simultaneously leaving their thirty-thousand-dollar cars out to rot in the sun!"  His argument, of course, is that this is a penny-wise-pound-foolish asset management strategy.  I wholeheartedly agree.  If you'd like to kill multiple birds with one stone, donate some of your unwanted crap to charity (if it's in the garage to start with, it can't be that valuable to you).  That'll help poor people, and it will also help protect your second-largest investment, and will also help clear the sidewalks for their legitimate use by residents, and it will also help to discourage vehicle break-ins.  Talk about a win-win-win-win scenario!  Much better karma in that approach. 

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