Monday, June 23, 2014

Centerpointe home burglary: Keep eyes open

Online records indicate that a residence in the 700 block of White Oak Pointe was burglarized on Friday June 13.
Screengrabbed from Crime Reports.  Petty crimes such as theft of goods from unlocked cars and open garages do occur routinely here but actual home burglaries have been extremely rare historically.  
The online reports contain little detail, other than the facts that possessions were stolen and the perpetrator(s) were unknown.  There's no indication that they have been apprehended.  The POA reported to me this morning that they currently have no additional information on this event.

If these criminals have been led to believe that Centerpointe represents easy pickins, they might strike here again, and so everyone needs to be vigilant, especially those of us work-at-homes and stay-at-homes who remain in the neighborhood during daylight hours when most adults are at work and children are in school.

Please do us all a favor and email a link to this blog post to your friends and neighbors in Centerpointe.  The neighborhood has an email list (maintained by current-but-not-always POA Board member J.H.), but it is incomplete and tends to be weighted toward people who have lived here longer.  This blog has a Centerpointe readership but that tends to be weighted toward people who have moved here only recently and who may or may not receive J's email blasts.  In other words, because of the way this subdivision evolved, no single entity has optimal or complete coverage for reaching residents quickly when messages like this one need to be spread.  The more people who know about both of those options (email blast list and blog), the better off everyone will be.

Thanks and please report any suspicious activity to the League City Police Department via 911 for emergencies or 281-332-2566.
If you've ever been through it, you know that it's a nightmare.  Even if you are insured, you never recoup the monumental amounts of time and energy that you lose dealing with a burglary, not to mention the sense of violation.  Been there, done that, have no intention of going through it again.  

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