Friday, September 7, 2012

Chop chop

1:18 PM:  This chopper has been circling around our part of League City for some time now.  It made a close pass above Centerpointe about an hour ago.
I don't know whose it is, but it doesn't appear to belong to any news media outlets, which typically use bright-colored paint (especially red and blue) and network logos.  When I see black and white, I think of Texas DPS, but I never got close enough to see any identifying marks on this one.
Helicopters are very expensive to operate.  If one is observed to be near us persistently, especially if it appears to be peeking around, chances are good that someone is behaving badly and they're trying to track that person down.  The last time I observed this kind of thing was almost exactly one year ago, when those cigarette-stealing fiends led police on a merry chase that ended up somewhere east of Calder (or so it was reported).  I keep waiting for an email blast to tell me what is going on this time, but no blast has been forthcoming. 

So if you happen to be one of us stay-at-homes or work-at-homes and you see or hear this kind of event, check that your doors are secure, keep your cell phone handy, watch your email for a blast, and rove your eyeballs around outside of each of your house windows (all four sides) to see if there's anything weird going on in your immediate vicinity.  Call the authorities if you see anything that is genuinely suspicious. 

Not sure that any of us will ever know what today's event is all about, but there it is, FWIW.

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