Friday, September 21, 2012

Another courier package has disappeared

About a year ago, I published this post in which I described a disturbing situation.  My husband had ordered a rather expensive item for home delivery.  The courier claimed to have delivered it to our house, and provided us with date and time and even a basic description of the person who was home at the time to receive it.

The disturbing part was this:  they got the description of the receiving person correct (me!).  But no package was ever delivered.  I began to suspect (but had no proof) that it was perhaps a pre-meditated theft.  Why else would there be an emphasis on me as the receiver?  It wasn't a signature-required delivery.  The note on the delivery line item simply listed that a female just happened to receive it.  Someone wanted to emphasize the receiver's involvement. 

In order to resolve this, we retrieved our outdoor security video footage and searched for several hours on either side of the delivery timestamp provided by the courier.  During that interval, no courier truck of any kind was visible driving down Arlington Pointe. 
Highly useful items, these.
An eye in the sky.
What this means is that, if the courier computer scan with the timestamp was even halfways accurate, either that package was delivered to the wrong address, and/or it was stolen. 

We presented our security information to the courier, and the credit card charges for our missing item were voided. 

Now fast forward about a year. 

A few days ago, there came a knock on our front door.  There stood two of our Centerpointe neighbors with long faces.  The husband had ordered a very nice gift for his wife's birthday - the kind of item that many people would enjoy owning.  Despite the fact that the courier claimed that their box was delivered, these neighbors had not received anything.  They wondered if perhaps we could shed some light on this situation. 

Once again, my husband retrieved our archived security video digitals.  And once again, no courier truck was visible driving down Arlington Pointe at any time in reasonable proximity to the courier's delivery timestamp.

I don't know what the deal is here.  Were these just lost or misdirected packages, or is something else happening?

If anyone else in the area ever has a similar experience with delivery packages, please email me.  Thanks. 

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