Friday, August 31, 2012

Picking postscript

It figures that the church sponsoring the "super garage sale" would publish their announcement of the upcoming sale one day after I wrote a blog post about it.  Here is a screengrab of that, given that I could not have included it yesterday due to the timing of publication:
Click on it to enlarge for better readability.
Several points worth noting:
  1. They will not accept adult clothing, but refer you to ICM if you wish to donate that stuff.  I did not mention ICM in my first post, but they are a great organization.
  2. Church volunteers will come to your house and take your large sellable items, if you want them to do that.  You do not have to move them yourself.   Essentially what they have done with this moving offer is make donating to them easier than you having to drag the stuff to the curb yourself for the pickers.
 Hope this helps!

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