Monday, August 6, 2012

Current ozone pollution

Here's a one-off blogpost just because it occurs to me to mention it.

We're having a bit of an ozone air pollution issue in the League City area late this afternoon.  This is potentially relevant to folks who are physically sensitive to this kind of thing. 
Screengrab from
If that link above doesn't function properly, go to the TCEQ's Air Quality page and drill down through the menu by clicking on the Texas graphic (it might not be obvious where to click until you hover over the map). 

Here's a screengrab of the key to interpreting the colors:
Screengrab courtesy of TCEQ
If you're sensitive (e.g., asthma) to air pollution, you have the option to sign up for email alerts telling you when our local air quality is impacted.  Go to this site and follow the instructions for that.
Example of a physical warning sign in the greater Houston area.
Screengrab from Wikipedia. 

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