Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stick a fork in 'er - she's done!!

Walking the dog last night, I was greeted by an auspicious sight:
The last three Brighton beauties have gone under contract, sales pending.
That's right.  For the first time in subdivision history, there are no houses for sale in Centerpointe Section 9!

At this point, the rest of you in Centerpointe Sections 1 through 8 are probably going, "Thank freakin' crap!  Now our property values can finally start rebounding!"

Trust me - I feel you pain.   My husband and I re-financed in January of this year, right at the point where the final glut of spec homes (most if not all of them being Brighton) were on the open market at oh-so-tempting "close-out pricing".  Our appraisal was not a pretty sight, and we had to scrape together extra money to close our new loan.

Like, waitaminute - I'm refinancing my house, upon which I had already placed a downpayment, and I have to *bring* money to the closing table?!  Yyyyyup - that's the unhappy scenario you face when you're surrounded by unsold inventory during a refinancing. 

SO - I think we should have some kind of party in celebration of this momentous event, because NOT ONLY is Section 9 now either all sold or under contract, that means that ALL OF CENTERPOINTE is now finally complete, after more than a decade of steady development.

To get the party started, I suggest that we begin by encouraging either the developer, the builders, or the POA (whichever is responsible) to deal with the removal of these eyesores, as there is no longer any excuse for keeping them in place:
There are still four or five of them scattered through the neighborhood.  There hasn't been a model home in Centerpointe for months now, and all these signs do at this point is encourage extra traffic that nobody wants to see (plus they waste the time of people shopping for houses, as they drive around looking for the advertised model homes).
So with that I will say, congrats to Mr. Maury (the developer), the builders, and the POA for a job well done.
Just in case you need to savor the sight of the last builder SOLD sign one more time, here's a close-up.

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