Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shuttlebration road closures

Normally I don't rebroadcast this kind of mainstream news info, but the road closures associated with Shuttlebration don't seem to have been well-publicized.  If it had not been for the CCISD robo-dialer leaving me a voice mail, I would not have known that there were road closures at all.  I thought they were simply barging this thing up Clear Lake to its intersection with Carleton-Sometimes-Cow Bayou (see end of post for explanation) near NASA 1 and taking it to Space Center Houston from that nearby point - I had no idea it would have a big mobility impact.
(Video shows scenes as the Shuttle mock-up Explorer leaves Florida en route to Houston).

Anyway, from the CCISD news release website, here are the road closures summarized, and kudos to Elaina Polsen's office for blasting this info far and wide:

  •  The Kemah Bridge will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic for about 30 minutes between noon and 1 p.m.
  • The eastbound and westbound right lanes of NASA Parkway from Upper Bay Road to Space Center Boulevard will be closed beginning at 11 a.m. When event traffic subsides, the westbound lane will reopen. The eastbound lane will remain closed from Lagoon Drive to Space Center Boulevard.
  •  The eastbound right lane of NASA Parkway will remain closed from Lagoon Drive to Space Center Boulevard.
  •  NASA Parkway will be closed from El Camino Real to Space Center Boulevard from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  •  The NASA 1 Bypass will be closed to eastbound traffic from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.
And yes, that funny little bayou you bridge as you are driving on NASA 1 near El Camino has two names.  I don't know why - I just know that it's been like that a long, long time. 
THIS bayou.  (Googlegrab)
What, you're not going to tell me you never noticed an actual bayou there, are you?!
It used to be printed in legal descriptions literally as "Carleton Bayou some times called Cow" or "Carleton sometimes Cow".  If anyone has any insight into what's behind this most ancient and obscure Clear Lake trivia, I would so love to hear it - email me at -at- gmail, please!
Screengrab from Google.  I can't access this content because it's behind a paywall, but there is that funny reference, all the way back in 1929.

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  1. My bad - apparently they are not bringing Explorer into Carleton Bayou - it will dock near the Hilton instead. I can't find the original reference where I know I heard Carleton mentioned - it may have just been speculation or rumor.


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