Thursday, March 22, 2012

Painted into a little boxy corner

Sigh...  After you closed on your Centerpointe home and walked into it for your first glorious time, or when you bought it from someone else, did you note the presence of a cute little cardboard box with four tiny paint cans in it??  (Or maybe slightly more or fewer cans depending on the initial color choices for the home).
Hello.  I'm your home's paint samples left behind by your builder's original painting contractor.
Those would likely have corresponded to:
  1. Interior wall paint color sample
  2. Interior ceiling paint sample
  3. Interior gloss trim sample
  4. Exterior trim color(s). 
The only trouble is, the painting contractors generally leave samples but not the corresponding color formula information.  Therefore if you need to have an extra gallon mixed up, you have no hard formula to refer back to.  Instead, you have to take a sample to a hardware store and have them do the best they can to match it for you.

This is a woefully-inefficient hassle to say the least.  And the hardware store usually can't make an exact color match, so it may not look right unless you carefully blend it out when applying to your existing wall or ceiling.  There doesn't seem to be a way to accomplish this, except the long way.  I've checked my contract docs, and I don't have any information on paint formulae.
All up on the order board:
I made records of the brand information for almost everything (tiles, granite, cabinet finish, etc.) that we ordered in the Meritage Design Center, aka Studio M, but I don't recall there being any technical or brand information on the two interior paint samples (little rectangles at upper right, perched on top of the tile samples).   
I've gone through this manual matching process so far with our two interior Meritage shades, with corresponding near-formulations as follows:
  • Meritage interior ceiling white (apparently a universal shade, color name not stated) - translated into Valspar Interior Flat Finish 101-2.5, 107-7.5, 115-0.5
  • Meritage interior wall color ("mocha") - translated into Valspar Interior Flat Finish 107-20, 101-8, 109-2.  (Section 9 Meritage buyers note that there were three standard choices:  "mocha", "desert castle", and "botany beige").
The hardware store matched those two well enough for me to use them, but now I need our exterior color, which is what Meritage named "Squirrel", which is a taupe-looking color chosen by a number of Section 9 buyers.  Can I find third-party references to "Squirrel" anywhere on the internet?  Nope!   But as I noted in a recent post, Google is now so refined that, if any other Meritage buyer anywhere in America goes looking on the internet for information about the "Squirrel" paint color, they will surely come across the post I've made here.  Which, of course, is one of the reasons why I'm posting about it.  If you have any information about a formula match for "Squirrel", please comment below. 


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  2. I bought interior paint at Pittsburg paints in webster. Imjustbtell them meritage home and summertime and they have them already prepared. Maybe they have the exterior as well.


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