Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dash cam, Part 7: No hiding behind a smokescreen

When you see situations like this...

Sorry about the crummy resolution,
but do you see that gray cloud behind the white pickup, a cloud engulfing the car in the right-hand lane?
IH-45 southbound at Baybrook Mall, 4:45 PM today. have the option of completing this:
Click here for the reporting URL.
The screengrab shows you what info you would need to collect in order to make a complete report.
My chief concern is with dangerous driving, but there's a strong correlation between extreme recklessness and other unlawful behaviors.  In this case, I could not acquire the license plate of the offender because to do so would have involved driving in such a manner so as to risk the lives of about a dozen innocent other drivers, including myself, because this smoke-belcher was speeding and weaving like crazy.  But in those cases when you are in a position to get the plate number, this reporting URL provides a convenient means of focusing enforcement attention upon nasty people who deserve to feel some heat.

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