Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not got milk?

Scene in a League City grocery store around noon today:
Really?  There's not a darn word about that in the news, not as of this post, anyway.  I don't know if this sign is someone's imaginitive interpretation of a momentary supply-chain hiccup, or harbinger of a developing shortage on the scale of what happened with spinach several years back.  Time will tell.

Somebody out there is bound to be thinking, "What difference does it make?!"  It makes a difference to some folks, and the issue here is freedom of choice, not the relative merits of any given option.  It's part of that whole "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" thing: if I want to eat Domino's pizza for breakfast every morning, that's my prerogative as an American.  The availability of organic milk is important to some people.  Whether or not organic milk is a superior product is something that can be argued until those cows literally come home, but on the issue of availability, the debate is moot.  Free citizens have a right to choose what kind of milk they'll drink.  Or they will have a right, unless there really does prove to be a significant shortage of the organic version.

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