Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rats on the rise

Happy New Year, and may your resolutions include a solemn vow never to leave pet food outdoors (if you are a regular reader, you've heard me say this before, here and here and here).  We continue to have what I interpret to be a growing rat problem in the subdivision.  They seem to be growing in audacity now, instead of just in numbers.
Bear in mind that the rat he found was probably dead because it was poisoned.  So now the dog is chewing the poison.  
Not only can poisoned rat carcasses pose a risk to pets, but rats that have lost their fear of humans pose a risk of disease and injury to humans (especially children who may be curious about them and who may not have developed the sense to stay away from them).  And when found in abundance in subdivisions, they can also attract poisonous snakes such as water moccasins into peoples' back yards.

We recently encountered one on our patio that was so bold that we had to kill it manually, which is not pleasant (they put up quite a fight and if you are not careful, they can attack you in retaliation for your raticidal efforts - it's their end strategy, and they can go for your face and neck with their razor sharp teeth).  I was simply trying to BBQ on our patio and the thing just would not leave me alone, so I had to call my husband for a coordinated kill.

If you've ever been to Central Park in New York City, you probably know just how bold these critters can become (watch this YouTube video called "Rat Attack" if you have any doubts).  Here is the Centerpointe rendition of that video.  Look how close I got to him with my cell phone (see the shadow of it).  I could have reached out and touched him, ugh.

Link:  Bold Rat in League City Suburb

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