Thursday, August 7, 2014

Best jewelry box

Answer:  If you want to acquire a great jewelry box, then you need to think outside the (jewelry) box.  The Bisley 5-drawer cabinet is an unconventional choice and may not be appreciated by girly-girl types, but in terms of quality, functionality, versatility, value for the price, and modern style, it's head and shoulders above any other option that I've ever seen or tried.
Hello industrial chic!!  The Bisley 5-drawer cabinet, currently available at The Container Store for about a hundred bucks.  

Twelve colors and four different drawer inserts for organization.   
Go Bisley or go home.  Think about the possibilities - if you have a larger jewelry collection, you could buy several of different colors, stack them up, etc.

Image above screengrabbed from The Container Store.  
Where do I even begin in describing the problems and limitations with the conventional jewelry boxes that are on the market today??
It's the retail category that time forgot - a market segment that has not evolved in more than 50 years, not kept pace during the same period of time in which women's lives changed to the point of being unrecognizable compared to their Leave It To Beaver starting point (today, we are leaving it to a very different Beaver).

Screengrabbed from a Google image search.  
Most of the jewelry boxes on the market today are obsolete because they are:
  1. Too small - the average professional woman would need six of those dinky things pictured above.
  2. Too difficult to organize - stuff gets piled up, tangled, etc. 
  3. Too inefficient - there's too much flipping of lids, lifting out of individual trays, etc. in many of them
  4. Too unstylish - none of those that are shown in the Google screengrab above could be integrated into modern decor.
  5. Too unsophisticated - they look like they're all made and marketed for little girls who still dress up in fairy costumes.
  6. Too cheaply made - there really isn't a lot of durability represented above.
  7. Or, too expensive - if you do the research on better boxes, their prices can easily reach many hundreds of dollars and for that you'll get about one quarter to one half of the storage capacity of a much less expensive Bisley.  
I acquired a modest but tasteful collection of jewelry as a means of justifying a meager professional wardrobe.  A woman can get away with a lot of "business casual" sins through the strategic use of better-quality costume jewelry.  Put on a nice necklace and folks tend not to notice that what you're wearing underneath it is not much better than a T-shirt.

For many years, most of my business jewelry sat in a predictable heap for lack of suitable storage mechanism.  But then I brought home a Bisley and liberated myself from all that mess.  My husband, normally accustomed to my unconventional thinking, was taken aback by this.  "Wait a minute - you're planning to use an office supply cabinet as jewelry box?!" he asked, perplexed.  "You betcha," I chirped, channeling Francis McDormand.  "And I'm a lot better off for it."

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