Monday, July 23, 2012

Thy neighbor's camera

Interesting snippet from Click2Houston / KPRC today about a guy stealing expensive potted plants from a residence.

Screengrab from KPRC's story here
This scene was immediately reminiscent of the blog post I did about a month ago called "Pickers", where I parsed some camera stills of a man and woman not stealing per se, but loading items from our trash into their pick-up truck.
This is a screengrab from that post.
I guess these kinds of petty thieves don't read the papers much.  Sales of these security cameras are just exploding right now, but few thieves seem to realize it.  Pretty soon, everywhere we go, all of us will be photographed from five different angles.

Anyway, this is one more good reason to get to know your neighbors.  You should get to know your Centerpointe neighbors because it's the neighborly thing to do, and because they are most likely very nice people who are worth knowing.  But you should also get to know your neighbors because you never can tell ahead of time who is running their own hidden security camera systems, and one day that knowledge might come in handy, as it did for the Midtown folks described in the news piece above. 

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